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Tours in Flores Indonesia

Highlights of Flores

Flores has some fantastic highlights that are well worth a visit. Komodo National Park, for example, world-famous dragon-like Komodo dragons found only in this park. And Keli Mutu National Park where the volcano lies with craters filled with a colored lake. In addition, the fishing village Labuhanbanjo is an absolute must!

Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park was founded in 1980 and is world famous for its dragon-like Komodo dragons found only in this park. The park is 219.00 hectares and includes the islands of Komodo, Rinca, a number of smaller islands and the surrounding waters, and a part of the mainland of Flores. The dragons live for Komodo, Rinca and West Flores. The islands of existence generally from steep cliffs, narrow bays and streams. Komodo is hilly to mountainous. A large part of the island is covered with savannah and lontarpalmen and open grass area. Rinca also has a savanna-like landscape and also features three mountains that dominate the picture. In the south you will find the highest peak of the Dora Ora 667 meters high and in the north the peaks of the Doro Raja and Gunung Tumbah, respectively 351 and 187 meters high. If you want to see the dragons on Komodo in real life than you are obliged to do under the guidance of a ranger. Adult dragons are between 170 and 180 centimeters long and about 35 to 55 kilos. The dragons look may not be as fast but they are very fast when they attack. And since they eat anything they the much larger water buffalo can capture or killing and is not safe, the person will also be part of its menu. Monitor lizards can also smell very good, unasked woman will already be able to smell the beast from a distance. The smell of blood going to the dragons namely totally crazy. You can reach the park from the fishing village Labuhanbanjo in West Flores whatever the shortest route. If you travel by boat from the island of Sumbawa come you're seven hours on the road.

Keli Mutu National Park

In the south-central Flores is Keli Mutu National Park. Keli Mutu is a volcano which consists of three craters which are each filled with a colored lake. The lakes are situated at an altitude of 1600 meters. The water of the lakes is colored by minerals from the earth. Over the years, the lakes have had different ones colors. In recent years the lakes dark red, light green and light blue, in the past, the lakes also had other colors. Because the crater landscape is bare and gray around the lakes even more the colors of the lakes fall, the lakes are also sometimes compared with gem stones. The most impressive view you get up early in the morning at sunrise. From Moni village which is the best you can climb the volcano at the foot of the volcano. It is believed that found the souls of the deceased in one of these lakes their final resting place.

Fishing village Labuhanbanjo

Labuhanbanjo is a quiet fishing village on the west coast of Flores. The majority of the 3,000 inhabitants of the village is Muslim. Most residents live off fishing which you can see clearly on the bay of the village. You can see all kinds of trimarans, canoes, sailboats and motorboats. have from the bay you have a stunning view as the sun sets. North of Labuhanbanjo is a beach where you can chill. However, there are much better beaches on the coast on one of the small islands that lie there. You can also go snorkeling but you have to go to the island Biddadari (half an hour) or cruising the Sebolo Islands (1 hour). Especially for the white beaches of Biddadari is beautifully soft coral where colorful tropical fish swimming around. Many tourists go through Labuhanbanjo to Komodo Island.